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Wellness & Spa

Relax & Revive @Hohe Rinne Spa

Live an experience that pleases your senses, release your stress, relax and revive your body, your mind and your soul while enjoying the therapeutically effect at Hohe Rinne Spa.

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  • Swimming Pool

    The indoor Swimming Pool is equipped with cervical massage system, geysers, system for swimming against the current and lounge chairs for relaxation.
    Pool dimensions are:
    Length: 11 m;
    Width: 5 m;
    Depth: 1.4 m.

  • Jacuzzi

    Jacuzzi is one of the highlights of the Hohe Rinne Spa, where the whole body is indulged with a truly relaxation in the hot water bubbles.

  • Traditional Finnish Sauna

    The Traditional Finnish Sauna is a way to relax and revive immune and cardiovascular systems, recommended especially for adults and adolescents. During a sauna session, cardiovascular changes are equivalent to those recorded during a cardio workout, helping to eliminate toxins, improve respiratory function, relieve tension and improve muscle and bone pain. Here you get a hot air bath characterized by high temperatures of 85-110°C and low humidity of 20-30%.

  • Bio-Sauna

    The Bio Sauna combines the benefits of a steam bath with the traditional Finnish sauna, but in a milder version with only moderate temperatures at 45-60°C and humidity of around 40-80%. These features make the Bio Sauna detoxification method quite non aggressive, so that exposure time may be extended up to 30 minutes. The beneficial effects of Bio Sauna are increased by aromatherapy, chromo therapy and music.

  • Infrared Sauna

    The Infrared Sauna is a modern type of sauna, equipped with infrared system for therapeutic purposes. Infrared rays are part of the light spectrum, invisible to the human eye and are similar to the sunrays. They have a wavelength beneficial for the body, penetrating deep into the skin and body tissues warming them from the inside out. Due to the moderate temperature of max. 50°C, exposure to infrared rays can be extended up to 30 minutes.

  • Turkish Steam Bath

    The Turkish Steam Bath is characterized by very high humidity of 90-100% and temperature of 40-50°C. In order to increase the health benefits of the warm and wet air bath, steam bath is equipped with a cold shower for Kneipp therapy. Kneipp therapy sessions mean cold-water jets at varied pressure during the sauna. Water jets can be directed to different parts of the body, like face, legs or arms, in order to relieve and tonify the skin, to improve the nervous system and increase blood flow in the targeted zone.

  • Salt Cave

    The Salt Cave offers the rare possibility of salt therapy, which is a natural and non - invasive method of treatment, based on passive inhalation of dry salt aerosols in a microclimate without allergens. A higher exposure to aerosols has beneficial effects on respiratory and skin diseases (especially allergies and eczema). Salt helps detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system and promotes a sense of comfort and well-being.

  • Sensations Showers

    The Sensations Showers combine the tonic effect of the alternation of hot and cold water with varied pressure, sounds, visual and olfactory elements, all designed to provide a complete experience to your senses. Along with the cold water showers from the traditional wooden bucket, the Sensations Showers represents a perfect way to revitalize and cool the body, to improve immune and nervous system, to stimulate blood flow and increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients that reach the tissues and vital organs. They therefore help to relieve stress and depression and, at the end of a sauna session, shower with cold water helps closing the skin pores.

  • Relaxation Room

    The Relaxation Room is the place where you can relax and revitalize in the breaks between your visits to our many facilities offered at Hohe Rinne Spa. Revitalizing music and aromas and relaxing heated and ergonomic chairs will help you regain mentally and physically balance transforming your day into an exceptional one.

  • Fitness Room

    The Fitness Room is equipped with professional equipment for various cardio exercises and for maintaining the shape of your muscles. Here you can find treadmills, normal fitness bikes or special fitness bikes for people with normal back problems, steppers, rowing machines and dumbbells of various weights.

  • Massage

    In the two Massage Rooms available at Hohe Rinne Spa you will discover our personalized techniques and anti-stress rituals that will make you feel completely relaxed, removing muscle and joints problems. A massage session executed in a professional manner helps eliminate the accumulated daily stress.